How To Choose A Handbag

Elegant and stylish fashion accessories for women are core in classic and business wardrobe styling. Many personal stylists believe that you can create effective outfits even within a limited budget provided your accessories are carefully selected, so they harmonise with your look. The main points of beautiful accessories are quality and style which translate into status and sophistication. If you choose your accessories right, no one will ever question the price tag of your clothes manufacturer.

Before we go into accessories, rule number 1 in wardrobe styling is having a classic, high quality ensemble that coordinates with your lifestyle (for example, office work), fits your body proportions and is appropriate for the season. If the budget is restricted for buying multiple sets of clothing, the right accessory can make the outfit a statement.

Accessories have the power of creating a winning wardrobe as well as ruin the look, if chosen incorrectly.

In this article, we will talk about essential womens accessory - handbag. Since classic style is based on the concepts of slow fashion, practicality, high quality and elegance, we will focus on womens accessories made of real leather. 

It is important though to be able to distinguish real leather vs synthetic (also called vegan or eco) leather. Today, leather making technologies are so advanced that relying on smell may not give you the answer whether you are holding a leather or plastic accessory. A simple test may help you recognise a product made of leather. Touch the surface and hold your hand for a few seconds. If a product is made of real leather, then you will feel it gives back the warmth of the palm. This is because real leather (mostly cowhide if we speak about fashion accessories) is a treated natural product and it always stays warm. Vegan or synthetic leather, in contrast, does not get warm upon.

Leather Handbag – the Hero Womens Accessory

The power of a womens handbag is hard to overestimate. It often catches the eye in the first place, it is a subject of subconscious analysis and it speaks volumes about its owner. So let's talk about how to make sure the bag accessorises your outfit beautifully.


 Classic ladies handbags are made of leather

Classic wardrobes are built around high quality, long lasting, practical items of clothing, footware and accessories. This is why if you want to create a sophisticated ensemble, your first step is to buy a handbag made of leather. There are different leather types, depending on the layer of the skin used in production. For example, many believe that “genuine leather” is the label of real leather. However, “genuine leather” is a term that indicates the third grade of leather quality, therefore it is not the most durable or breathable leather. Full Grain and Top Grain leather, obtained after slicing top layers of the hide, are considered more premium. Handbags made of Full Grain and Top Grain leather have more exclusive natural patterns, longer lasting usability, and therefore more expensive.

Colour coordination creates a beautiful symphony

As we know, the devil is in the detail. Before choosing a handbag, try to visualise all possible outfits of your wardrobe and how you are going to wear the bag. Traditionally, black, brown and tan handbags suit most neutral colour wardrobes.

Remember, that your outfit does not need to scream many tones. Classic fashion stylists recommend 2-3 colour wardrobes. The rule is: the more intense the colour, the less of it should be used. For example, if you are wearing a black dress, you may choose to accessorise it with a beige handbag, scarf or belt. However, if your choice is a red handbag, then you may well limit accessories to a pair of matching earrings and the red handbag, and nothing else. If you decide to wear red shoes, you may overdo with the colours and lose the accent of your look.

Size and design should harmonise with your body type

Thoughtful styling and choice of the handbag has the power to visually highlight or correct body proportions. The handbag should blend with your outfit, fit your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, stylists’ recommendation is to choose bigger bags if you generally wear oversize clothes and go for structured designs, more squarish or rectangular shapes. Slim and tall ladies may benefit from wearing bags with rounded designs, whereas vertical bags may elongate your look if you are rather short.

How the bag is worn, or carried, can also highlight or correct your body proportions. For example, for women with wide shoulders or bust, it is recommended to carry the bag in their hand or on a long strap over the shoulder. A hobo or a shoulder bag tend to visually widen the look of the upper body, and is therefore recommended for women with a pear-shaped body.

Structured vs Unstructured bag

If you prefer clean lines or your work requires carrying documents, framed handbags with structured designs may be a perfect way to protect the papers from crumples and tearing. Besides, they are safer for carrying a tablet or a computer, as well as making sure your cosmetics or snacks do not come in touch with your gadgets and documents.

Whatever handbag you choose, make sure it blends with your personality, gives you required comfort and fits the purpose. Wear it confidently and make it work with multiple outfits, so you enjoy the bag for years to come.